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KRISTEN STEWART “Too Ashamed To Show Her Face” At Her Own Movie Premiere?

Recent Hollywood celebrity gossip has it that KRISTIN STEWART is simply too ashamed to exhibit her face at her very own movie premiere for &#8220On The Street&#8221 due to all of the bad press that turned from her recent cheating scandal.

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Additionally to her apparently being too depressed to shower, sources say Kristen is going to be missing her August 16 London premiere for &#8220On The Street,&#8221 by which she’d a couple of topless moments.

Well, you would realise why she’d be also having fun with the thought of not attending the premiere-she just accepted to cheating on her behalf boyfriend together with her married director, Rupert Sanders, from her other movie, &#8220Snow Whitened and also the Huntsman,&#8221 barely last month.

A resource revealed to Radar Online:

Kristen will not be doing the red-colored carpet for &#8216On The Street&#8217 – she’s too embarrassed to demonstrate to her face in public places at this time. After everything that’s been stated, as well as in light from the facts that they scammed on Robert with director Rupert Sanders, she’s running scared right now.&#8221

The insider added:

“Additionally, there are the dilemma of standing alongside her co-star within the movie, Tom Sturridge. He’s not far from Take advantage of and Kristen thinks it might be awkward on her to advertise the film around the red-colored carpet alongside him.&#8221

Kristen also apparently doesn&#8217t want people concentrating on her and her scandal when she hits the red-colored carpet-and draw attention away from people in the movie-which everyone knows would most likely happen. The origin stated:

Kristen is extremely happy with her work with &#8216On The Street,&#8217 she was raised reading through Kerouac books which is a production she always aspired to star in. She would like her performance which film to become famous for what it’s – an excellent adaptation of the classic book.”

Same with youthful K-Stew really &#8220running scared&#8221 all the judgmental and precariously curious people?


Based on Gossip Cop, she was “NEVER going” towards the movie so, technically, she&#8217s not missing/tugging out/playing hooky in the premiere.

We wouldn&#8217t state that she isn&#8217t frightened of facing everyone else in the wake of her cheating scandal so she should be feeling very fortunate to possess been scheduled to overlook the premiere a very long time ago.

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