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Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Hoping These Early Lessons Stick!

Beach day with my girl – Tom Vickers

Layla Kayleigh is letting PEOPLE readers follow along as she tackles motherhood.

The MTV host and her husband, Sirius/XM talk show host Steven Covino, are parents to daughter Melody Rain, 2 .

In addition to her regular gig on America’s Best Dance Crew, Kayleigh, 28, recently hosted Teen Wolf and Teen Mom specials for the network.

Starting Friday, catch her on Retro Mania for a Labor Day weekend Hills marathon.

You can also find Layla on Facebook and on Twitter @laylakayleigh.

Melody is going to be three in November and I can’t believe I’ve been sharing my journey with you for the last three years (almost)! I have appreciated all of your feedback, tips and suggestions for this first-time mom. Even though I feel that how you parent varies from family to family, and what’s right for one family isn’t always right for another, they don’t say it takes a village for nothing!

All smiles – Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

The biggest lesson Steven and I are learning right now is the best way for us to communicate with Melody when she gets mad or misbehaves. She’s at the age where she’s so fun and is such a happy imaginative toddler — she says the funniest things and has really evolved into her own little person — yet (as I’m sure some of you know it seems this age also comes with plenty of tantrums, crying marathons and hissy fits when she doesn’t get her own way.

One thing we do try to do is speak to her about why she’s angry or crying. It’s nice because now she can verbally communicate to us why she is so upset about something. Having said that, sometimes she’s just mad for a silly reason and is crying for attention, so at that point we do give her time-outs. It’s definitely not easy to find that discipline balance, especially since she looks so darn cute sometimes and I want to laugh — but know I can’t.

My little grump – Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

I’ve noticed lately that Melody can get frustrated fairly quickly — for example, if she’s trying to build a sand castle and it doesn’t turn out right, she gets extremely upset, gives up and starts throwing everything everywhere.

I’ve been trying to teach her about not giving up straight away, to be patient and keep trying until she figures it out. I’ll sit with her and we’ll walk through the steps together until she gets it right, and realizes there is a solution to every problem.

I know it may sound a bit silly to teach an almost 3-year-old these things, but I really feel that what I teach her now may stay with her for years to come. And I certainly don’t want her to throw in the towel each time she attempts to do something and doesn’t get it right the first time around!

Do you remember anything your parents taught you at a very young age that still resonates with you today? Curious to hear!

Loving summer – Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

As I mentioned, Melody’s been saying the funniest things lately, and her questions leave me stumped sometimes — I wish I had a pause button to think about the answer.

A couple of days ago, she asked me, “Mommy, when are you going to buy me a baby brother?” I didn’t even know what to say! How would you answer that little nugget?!

Hope you and your family have been having a great summer!

Such a girly-girl – Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

Much love,

– Layla Kayleigh

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