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KANYE WEST Used To Watch KIM KARDASHIAN’s Sex Tape While In Bed With Other Girls!

KANYE WEST used to watch KIM KARDASHIAN‘s sex tape while in bed with other girls.

Can you believe him?!

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Finally, an explanation for Kanye‘s weird obsession with his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian-and his meddling in her relationship with Reggie Bush in 2009-has been revealed.

We know Kanye has written about four songs for the naturally curvaceous reality star, including one titled “Clique” that talked about her infamous sex tape. And as it turns out, it was a clue about what made him fall in love with her many years ago.

Apparently, back in the days, the rapper had been watching Kim‘s racy home video-where she was being intimate with her then-boyfriend, Ray J-while getting down and dirty with other women!

Multiple sources told TMZ the tape “always worked” for Kanye whenever he needed to get “in the mood.” Surprisingly, his chicks didn’t mind.

Something tells us Kim doesn’t mind if he continued the nasty habit but we assume Kanye no longer feels the need to since he snagged the video superstar herself.

Sometimes, dreams do come true…

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