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RYAN GOSLING Does Canadian TV Interview… At 12-Years-Old! (VIDEO)

RYAN GOSLING did a Canadian TV interview at the age of 12 as seen in a newly surfaced video, and boy, did he look awfully adorable!

See for yourself:

AES 046920

Even before Ryan Gosling became a teenager, he was a cute kid who was evidently destined to sweep the ladies-including current girlfriend Eva Mendes-off their feet with his stunning blue eyes and charming smile.

Now, he’s more than just a world-renowned Hollywood actor from “The Notebook” whose sex appeal affects women and men as well!

Luckily, the Mickey Mouse Club didn’t fail to see the potential in the 12-year-old youngster, who then kick started his big career as a Disney child star.

Check out Gosling‘s interview with CTV’s “Canada AM”-where he seems to be flirting with the host, too!-from waaay back below:

Photos By PR Photos / Video Screen Grab

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