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In recent celebrity news, JUSTIN BIEBER has a new owl tattoo… and it’s HUGE!

Check it out:

PRN 086618

At present, Justin Bieber has exactly eight tattoos: this new owl on his left forearm, his “Believe” tattoo (also on the same arm), a crown on his chest, Jesus Christ’s face on his calf, a tiny bird on his hip, a large image of praying hands on the side of his other calf, the Hebrew name for Jesus under his armpit, and a tiny Japanese symbol on the inside of his elbow.

Quite a lot of body art for an 18-year-old boy, don’t you think?

Of course Justin has every right to get as many tattoos as he wants, but we think there may come a time when his growing collection of body art could become off-putting to his mostly female fan base.

What can you say about Justin‘s owl tattoo?

Photos By PR Photos / Justin Bieber‘s Twitter

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