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Angus T. Jones’ Pastor Supports His Intelligence, Says The Lord Works Through Him

angus t jones pastor supports controversial comments

No surprise here!

After the Two and a Half Men star bashed the show in the name of the Lord, his pastor is totally gonna support him!

Following the controversial Satan-warning comments made by Angus T. Jones, Seventh-Day Adventist leader Christopher Hudson says:

“I’ve only known Angus for a short period of time now, but the time that I got to spend with him in our conversation, the type of individual he is, this young man is very intelligent, pensive individual. He is a thinker. He is not the mirror of other men’s thoughts. He is one that can think and do for himself and that impressed me because I didn’t think I would see that in a young man in his position. Angus is speaking from his heart, his experience, his search and his understanding.”

MmHmm.. ok… anything else?

“He’s a very sincere young man who has been studying the Bible in depth for himself for at least a year. He has a love for the Lord and a love for the word of God. And that love for God and his word is behind the direction of what you saw in his testimony. He’s a young guy. He’s absolutely an amazing young man. It’s clear the Lord is working in his heart and he is maintaining quite well. And that is all I will say.”

Okayyyy…. so AGAIN we ask… will he be donating any of the $350k he makes an episode to those in need for the Lord?

Everyone’s entitled to their beliefs, but he totally insulted the show who’s helped him out since he was nine years old!! He called it “filth!” So obviously he’s rufflin’ some feathers!

He has apologized for the comments… though it sounded like he was really just sorry that it actually became such a big deal more than anything.

And if even Charlie Sheen thinks you’re crazy for bashing the show, well… LOL!

We just hope Angus is thinking for himself and isn’t being brainwashed. It would be wayyy too tragic if he couldn’t take full responsibility for the actions that could very well prove to hinder the future of his career.

[Image via Adrianna M Barraza/WENN.]

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