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LINDSAY LOHAN Bar Fight Caused By Jealousy Over MAX From “The Wanted”?

LINDSAY LOHAN‘s recent bar fight was caused by jealousy over MAX from the band “The Wanted,” according to Hollywood celebrity gossip.


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Lindsay Lohan‘s latest violent bar brawl-for which she was arrested in New York on Thursday morning-may have been caused by alcohol and drugs (what’s new?), but there was one more thing that triggered the troubled actress to clock another woman straight in the face.

According to a report by TMZ, it all started hours before she hit the city’s Club Avenue when she attended Justin Bieber‘s concert to “scope” Max George of “The Wanted,” who were there for the opening act.

Apparently, Lindsay just couldn’t get near him as she was “blocked” from getting backstage to meet Max. And when she finally did get to meet up with him and his band mates at the hotel bar, sources reveal that she “got drunker and drunker” and turned Max off.

The real trouble began when Max started talking to another woman, who soon faced the jealous and “enraged” Lindsay‘s flying fist of fury.

The night ended with Lindsay arrested for fighting… and Max going home with another woman who didn’t get punched or arrested that night.

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