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Texans Star J.J. Watt Proposes To 6-Year-Old Fan

Ah, to be young and in love.

Breanna Bartay became an internet sensation last month when a video of her crying because she couldn’t marry her crush, football player J.J. Watt, went viral. The YouTube video, now at over 500,000 views, shows Breanna crying because she’s not 25 years old, therefore she couldn’t marry her favorite player.

Luckily for Breanna, Watt found out about the video and asked his Twitter followers for help: “Does anyone happen to know this cute little girl? We have to find her and turn those tears into a smile.”

Watt eventually tracked down Breanna and the two met, resulting in a mock proposal from the NFL star. Watt came prepared for his first “proposal,” armed with flowers and a Ring Pop. Breanna, decked out in Texans gear, agreed to marry Watt for the day.

Watt later joked to Yahoo Sports Radio that the pair registered for gifts. “Yeah, we’re registered at Toys ‘R Us,” Watt quipped.

Check out the adorable “proposal” pictures below!

J.J. Watt

Photo Credits: J.J. Watt (@JJWatt)

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