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JESSICA ALBA Looks Gorgeous And Fit In Women’s Health (PHOTOS)

JESSICA ALBA looks gorgeous and fit on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s March 2013 issue.

See for yourself:

jessicaalba womenshealth1

She’s only wearing a white tank top and jeans… but it’s pretty obvious that Jessica is still one of the sexiest women in the world.

The bombshell beauty shows off her toned figure on the cover of Women’s Health’s March 2013 issue, and in the accompanying interview, she reveals exactly what she does to keep herself in such great shape:

“I like doing dance classes. That’s fun. Like hip hop class, mixed with like core pilates-type exercises… And when I’m in New York, I like to do some spinning classes, group classes, Fly Wheels is a place I like to go. And sometimes I do sprint intervals just because I hate working out. Anything where I have to do something but I can get my mind off of doing it, that’s so much better for me than anything that’s repetitive. Or the music has to be loud and I have to be moving.”

Photos Via Women’s Health

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