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CHRIS BROWN Car “Totaled” In Car Crash, Paparazzi Blamed

CHRIS BROWN’s car was “totaled” in a terrible car crash on Saturday and according to Hollywood news, the paparazzi is being blamed for it.

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As if Chris Brown needed any more trouble this week, the rapper got into a car accident on Saturday, which resulted in his car being “totaled” after allegedly being trapped in an alley by the paparazzi.

Brown‘s rep revealed that after being cut off by two cars containing the sick paps, photographers “jumped out, with cameras, and aggressively approached [Chris’s] vehicle.” The rep added that Chris tried to avoid them by dring down an alley but was intercepted by “two additional vehicles.”

No word yet on what happened afterwards and how he got out of the situation.

The singer was said to be on his way to a charity event at the Debbie Allen Dance Academy when the mishap took place. According to his rep, he was not seriously hurt and that there wasn’t anyone with him in the car at the time of the accident.

Stay tuned…

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