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Khloe Kardashian: See How She Became One Of Reality TV’s Biggest Power-Players

As the highest-paid TV star under 30, celeb mogul Khloe Kardashian ranks No. 19 on Celebuzz’s Hollywood Power Index. Talented at carefully crafting her celebrity brand, Khloe has successfully parlayed her fame into lucrative spinoffs, successful product lines and a large loyal following both with and without her siblings.

In April, the family inked the most profitable TV deal any reality star has ever seen for their flagship show alone. The Ryan Seacrest-produced Keeping Up with the Kardashians – which averages three million viewers per episode — will remain on the air well into 2015.

Adding to a growing empire that includes fragrance and clothing lines, the star reportedly receives an estimated $40k per-episode for Kardashians spin-offs, according to Forbes magazine. She’s also heir to a sizable share of late father Robert Kardashian’s estate – estimated to be worth as much as $100 million.

Khloe’s income got a major boost in November when the reality star scored a co-hosting spot alongside Mario Lopez on TV’s The X-Factor. A source close to production confirmed reports of the deal, telling Celebuzz that the duo signed contracts for multimillion-dollar paychecks.

An expert at leveraging the power of social media, Khloe is an active tweeter. Amassing millions of followers and tweeting more than most of the highest-ranking celebs on social media — including the tweet-savvy Justin Bieber — the reality star’s engagement with fans keeps the youngest Kardashian sister in the limelight. In December 2011, Forbes named her “The Queen of Social Networking” on their list of Social-Networking Superstars.

Taking their mega-star sister and top earner Kim out of the equation, just how powerful are Khloe and Kourtney alone? Likening the sisters to Joe Biden, CNN answered that question in the August article, “Being VP is just like being a lesser Kardashian.”

Analyzing the perks of being Vice President in comparison to being a Kardashian, the outlet surmised, “They are paid great, treated like celebrities, and have almost no responsibilities … All that’s missing is a few product endorsement deals and the vice president truly would be a Kardashian.”

What do Celebuzz’s experts have to say about the power player? Launch the video above to find out.

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