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EVE Defends Herself From BRITNEY SPEARS Diss: “I Didn’t Say Anything About Her Singing!” (VIDEO)

EVE defended herself from BRITNEY SPEARS diss-where she said the pop star didn’t actually sing in her new collaboration with WILL.I.AM titled “Scream & Shout”-and said she didn’t say anything about her singing.


eve britney feud

You may remember that Eve made a surprising allegation during her guest appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” last week. According to her, Britney Spears didn’t actually sing in her new dance track with Will.I.Am, “Scream & Shout.”

And after the unengaged pop star‘s camp said that the claims are “absolute BS,” Eve is now trying to wash her hands from the incident.

When asked by a TMZ photographer about her comments, Eve tried to act clueless and answered:

“What comment?”

She later explained:

“I didn’t say anything about her singing. I said something about her British accent. We know it’s Britney Spears singing the song, I never said anything.”

But if you remember, this is exactly what she said before:

“I heard that might not be Britney.”

Also, Britney only has a few spots in the song and sings in a British accent almost throughout the entire thing.

Major fail.

Watch Eve try to defend herself below:

What can you say about this pointless he-said-she-said feud?

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