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The Bachelor: AshLee Dishes on Her Connection with Sean – and Tierra

For The Bachelor‘s AshLee Frazier, 32, the week spent with Sean Lowe in St. Croix was a series of emotional highs and lows, from coming clean with the final skeleton in her closet to a super-charged confrontation with Tierra. The Houston-based professional organizer spoke with reporters about what she sees in her show squeeze, how it felt to tell him she’d been married before (and in high school no less!), and if she really feared elimination.

Why wait so long to tell him about your high school marriage?
Obviously, I wasn’t going to tell him on our very first date. I want to know somebody and make sure the vibe is there before I divulge my story. Every other time was either a group date or the rose ceremony and that just wasn’t the appropriate time to talk. He had a few more questions about it [than aired on TV], but he was so loving and genuine about it. He made me feel like a huge weight lifted, like it was OK.

Can you explain how it ended?
The details are pretty simple. I got a divorce. I was young and I didn’t handle [going through the rough patch with my family] the best way. It wasn’t a bad breakup. It was more like I woke up and [realized], “Oops. What did I do?” We discussed it and both came to the conclusion that we made a bad decision.

You had a great date and said, "I love you." Yet you seemed convinced you would be eliminated. Why?
One hundred percent I was scared this might be the time I go home. I felt safe up until the argument happened and even until Sean came in before the rose ceremony and said that he didn’t want anyone with these dramatic spells in his life. I was part of the [drama with Tierra]. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him and explain my side of it because there was no cocktail party.

How’d it feel to hear Tierra mock your age and call you high school?
I laughed because what are you gonna do? Go back in time? I’m 32. I’ve never thought about my age so much in my life. It doesn’t bother me. It speaks for itself who was being immature. It was not a very nice thing to say, but that’s the difference between her character and mine.

Ever wonder how he could dig Tierra and you simultaneously?
I couldn’t sit and wonder why he was keeping Tierra. You have to compartmentalize your feelings and focus on the end and your relationship with Sean. Sean is smart. I knew he’d eventually come to and realize it.

Why do you two mesh?
We come from the same background, have a very similar strong family upbringing and are compatible. He was classy, charismatic and a solid gentleman who made me laugh all the time. You have to balance each other out. I think it was a ying to a yang. He wants to adopt and [great for] my heart to hear. That’s a solid foundation to build a perfect relationship.

People have said you might not be enough of a goofball to be the one.
When it came to our relationship. I took it more seriously because this is my future. This is marriage and that’s not something I want to tread into lightly. But for the most part, I’m not sure where that comes from. I joked. I laughed. I played a lot of Apples to Apples. I had a blast.

Do you see connections between him and other girls?
I see the possibility. Lindsay is very fun. She’s always cracking jokes. Catherine has a big heart. Desiree has a sense of stability. Sean said he wanted someone that was genuine, nice, ready for marriage and somebody with a good heart who loved family and if that’s what he wanted, I’m the best match for that.

Is everyone left ready to get married?
If they say they are, I would take it at face value. I would hope that anybody who comes on the show is ready. I can only vouch for myself. I was 100 percent ready to give my heart to somebody and fall in love.

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