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‘RiffTrax’ Trio Hope to Make ‘Twilight’ Their Next Comedic Commentary


Twihards may want to take cover. RiffTrax – the comedy threesome of (from left) Bill Corbett, Kevin Murphy and Michael J. Nelson – have decided that the first flick in the blockbuster vampire romance franchise is the next one they want to take on for their “RiffTrax Live!” series, in which they provide hilarious commentary for a film.

The trio have already secured more than $78,000 in funding via a Kickstarter project in hopes of being able to license Twilight from Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate so that they can simulcast it live to theaters nationwide for a future “RiffTrax Live!” presentation this August.

The flick won RiffTrax’s recent poll of the worst movies of all time, as voted on by the fans, with Batman & Robin taking the number-two spot and Catwoman coming in third.

If the money raised is not enough to license Twilight from Summit/Lionsgate, the RiffTrax group have pledged to go down the poll-results list and find the next available film for their upcoming show. Fans who donate to the Kickstarter – which continues through March – are eligible for various rewards.

Bill, Kevin and Mike are best known for their work on the cult classic TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000, where they became pop-culture icons for their good-natured skewering of films. Under the RiffTrax moniker, they’ve expanded their brand into live shows and a larger range of movies from classics to recent blockbusters. You can find more information on the three riffers – and all their riffs – at the official RiffTrax website.

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Photo Credits: RiffTrax

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