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10 Sci-Fi Movie Plot Holes Hollywood Thought You Wouldn’t Notice


Given the relative scope and ambitious nature of the genre, science-fiction is probably one of the easiest to mess up. Especially when you consider that Hollywood screenwriters are making up scientific concepts and theories out of nowhere, often without testing them or thinking through all the angles (like in real science!).

Yes, sometimes the writing elite get too caught up in their ideas and the resulting story to notice that something is amiss. And the more intelligent and complex an idea seems in the context of a movie, the more “scientifically” unsound it probably is. Hence, we get plot holes.

Plot holes, by definition, are errors or mistakes that render the a story completely implausible – so much so, that they make it really hard to suspend your disbelief. Simply put, a plot hole unravels everything that came before and after it – and should they get themselves noticed (that’s something that usually occurs a few days after a movie hits theatres), it’s game over.

Though not all plot holes unravel narrative structure, lots of them argue the logic of a situation to such an extent that it kind of ruins everything. Here we take a look at some of science-fiction’s most erroneous plot holes that Hollywood thought they got away with. Though none of these necessarily ruin any of the movies mentioned (many of them are genuine classics), they’re interesting to explore, nonetheless….

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