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WWE: Jack Swagger Arrested For DUI

jack swagger

Top WWE heel and Wrestlemania 29′s number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship has been arrested for allegedly driving under the influence, according to reports coming out from TMZ today. Swagger is alleged to have been in possession of Marijuana at the same time.

The arrest took place following this week’s Smackdown taping from Biloxi, Mississippi. According to TMZ, Swagger was charged with DUI, marijuana possession and speeding which are all considered misdemeanours.

Swagger was released quickly following the arrest and no word has yet been given whether a court date has been set.

A WWE Spokesperson had the following to say:

“Mr. Swagger is responsible for his own personal actions,”

Swagger made his return only a few weeks ago after being in the WWE dog house for several months after alleged issues with his maturity. An instance like this can only throw up further warning signs that he has not change his ways not is he deserving of his mega push which he has received since returning, including a massive victory at Elimination Chamber last Sunday.

Where this leaves Swagger’s future with the company let alone his World Heavyweight Championship match with Alberto Del Rio at Wrestlemania 29 is very much still up in the air an all depends how severely the WWE wishes to punish him. It would be unwise to ignore such an incident given the recent push to legitimise the Wellness Programme in the eyes of their critics so we would expect the ramifications of the arrest to hit home very soon.

Fans are reminded of how badly Rob Van Dam fell from grace following his arrest alongside Sabu many moons ago I the midst of his biggest push with the company.

How do you feel Swagger should be punished?

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