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Rihanna’s Entourage Request Free Swag From Topshop Even Though She’s Suing The Retailer!


Peeps in Rihanna‘s entourage have sent multiple requests to Topshop asking for free clothes even though RiRi is suing the retailer for selling an unauthorized shirt with her image!

During a recent court hearing in London, Geoffrey Hobbs, a lawyer for Topshop, claimed:

“It is not in dispute that Rihanna is a celebrity (but) the reputation of Topshop is also material to the allegation of misrepresentation. Rihanna’s own shopping habits provide compelling evidence of Topshop’s reputation in fashion wear. (There are) 10 recent occasions on which her representatives have contacted Topshop asking for products for her to wear. We note that six of these requests post-date this dispute.”

Presumably, the argument here is that if Topshop is good enough for RiRi and her friends to actually wear, then it’s good enough to sell merch with the popstar’s face on it!

A lawyer for the 25-year-old countered by saying:

“Rihanna’s case is not about stopping the sale of all images of her on T-shirts in the UK, nor is it about trying to create a free standing so-called image right in the UK. Passing off is a question of fact in each case. Rihanna’s case is that she has generated reputation and goodwill beyond that as a musical performing artist (which) extends into the fashion and clothing industries and has done so for years. She has collaborated in the design of clothes with a range of clothing designers at the high end of fashion, including Giorgio Armani and Gucci, and at established high street fashion stores, including River Island. These garments were not only endorsed by her but were sold and labelled under Rihanna’s name and trademark. These ranges were highly acclaimed.”

Basically, Rihanna doesn’t want this Topshop t-shirt to be confused by her fans as something that she personally endorsed or designed herself, because she totes didn’t!

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love (and want to wear) Topshop clothing like lots of other celebs!

The case will go on until next week, and we have no idea who will win.

Whose side are U on???

[Image via WENN.]

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