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True Blood Season 6 Episode 4 Review – At Last

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True Blood finally kicked off Season 6 with Episode 4, it took four episodes to get there but we are there, thankfully. The first three episodes have been a little lack luster, particularly lacking in the raw sexual nature department that is pretty much the essence of the show. As Joey Tribbiani would say, “Im taking the essence”!

The essence was indeed taken from the early episodes of this season but was nicely replaced in the most recent episode aptly titled At Last… and we’re back! Let’s talk about the bathroom scene with Ben (who we now know as Warlow), and Jason (who we’ve always known as abs-in-your-face). This scene was absolute brilliance, the use of Miguel’s track Adorn was perfect. Not just because I am a huge Miguel fan but because the lyrics and his voice complimented and added to the scene so well, the track breathes sensuality in itself, the beat is gorgeous and very Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing – esq.

The music supervisor who chose Adorn for this scene was right on the money, True Blood always get it right with the music. You know you are watching True Blood when there are half naked men shaving each other’s faces in the bathroom, innuendos galore, and a simple everyday completely non-sexual task like shaving is turned into a hugely erotic scene. They do it so well.

The episode continued to grow with Eric turning the Governor’s daughter, Jessica giving in to her primal urges and drinking Andy Belfleur’s faerie daughters dry and the blubbering “King” of the faeries Niall being banished into another dimension (thank godESS/Warlow). The decision to release baby vamp Willa back to her governor, vampire loathing father before proper rearing or care was a bad move, she is hardly going to convince him that they come in peace whilst biting into his neck. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Willa, the struggle between her assumed innocence and her stereotypical daddy’s girl rebellion phase will hopefully pose some problems throughout the rest of the season.


Meanwhile in Shifter- Ville Sam Merlotte is kissing random injured females already, so it is safe to say we have all forgotten about Luna. As her daughter quite accurately but somewhat annoyingly pointed out, “My mommy died two days ago” ssssh Emma you’re already becoming a little bit of a burden. I miss Lafayette, it is safe to say no other on screen character makes me laugh out loud the way he does. He hasn’t really had a steady place in the past couple of episodes and I’m hoping boyfriend steps up and makes himself useful, the more mythical creatures and spiritual humans the better in my book.

We haven’t seen Sooki without her clothes off recently so it was a welcome sight to see her back to her finest At Last (sorry), doing the two things she does best, getting down to it and putting up a hell of a good fight! I’m not entirely sure what her plan is but independent, I don’t- need- no- man Sooki hopefully has something else up her faerie powered sleeve than Bill or Eric sensing her fear and saving her ass… Go Girl. Hopefully this episode has set a precedent for the rest of the season, we can only go up from here (pun completely intended) and with the next episode titled F*ck the Pain Away it seems we are just getting started!

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