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10 Things I Learned From Wimbledon 2013


Wimbledon is the only really global sporting tournament that Britain hosts yearly. Sure we have F1 races and rugby tournaments and sometimes oddly even the Tour de France but Wimbledon is our longest running worldwide tournament. Anyone who has ever watched tennis or likes tennis knows about Wimbledon, its rich history, great matches and legends who have played and won there and for two weeks a year the whole country sits down to watch the fortnight spectacle.

It’s well liked amongst the players too as the only real grass tournament still running so it’s a fast surface that suits a lot of player’s aggressive styles. For such a long running tournament too, lots of players grew up watching it so winning something with such rich history is attractive to a lot of professionals. Wimbledon too is very unique amongst other tournaments being truly British and sticking to traditions long since ignored by the rest of the world.

From the dress code to the strict time rules, smartly dressed umpires and of course the pure fact of playing a tournament in a country that pretty much guaranties rain, Wimbledon is charming and unique setting it apart from the other high tech ultra-modern Grand Slams. For all the backwards 19th century ideas Wimbledon is still an amazing place to see tennis and this year has been one of the best tournaments in Wimbledon history.

From thrilling matches to the court condition drama with so many talking points it’s been an amazing two weeks topped off with the most perfect sunny weather for finals day [that is the last weather crack I promise] it has been one of the greatest Wimbledon’s in recent memory and will certainly be the most talked about for years to come.

To show how good the world’s oldest tennis tournament has been this year, this list will look over what I have learnt from spending time on Henman Hill with big bowls filled with strawberry and cream waving a silly plastic British flag around. So here are the top 10 moments and talking points I have picked up and learnt from watching this year’s Wimbledon.

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