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8 Best Manic Street Preachers Tracks In Anticipation Of Rewind The Film

This Is Yesterday

After an extended hiatus Welsh rockers Manic Street Preachers are releasing their 11th studio album ‘Rewind The Film’ in September. Speaking of the record James Dean Bradfield told the Daily Star:

“The acoustic album has a soul vibe, with Rolling Stones-style horns. The first single is very positive, but there are darker moments too.”

If it is anything like the beautiful title track which features Richard Hawley, it will be a contemplative, delicate record that is a definite change of direction from most of their previous efforts, not least 2010 s ‘Postcards From A Young Man.’ The single ‘Show Me The Wonder’ and a UK tour to promote the record are also due in September.

In the meantime here are some of the most vital tracks from the Manic Street Preachers’ back catalogue. Everybody is familiar with ‘A Design For Life’ and ‘If You Tolerate This…’ so there are no big hits here. Most were singles but didn’t get the recognition they deserved on release.

8. Loves Sweet Exile

Loves Sweet Exile

Coming out in October 1991, ‘Love’s Sweet Exile’ was the second single to come from the band’s debut album ‘Generation Terrorists’ but is best remembered for the provocative and homoerotic video featuring semi-naked band mates Nicky Wire and Richey Edwards awash in a barrage of politics, fashion and cultural statements.

For many fans, and the band itself, this video is considered to be their best. ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ may be the song from this era that takes all the radio air play but ‘Love’s Sweet Exile’ is the real anthem on a record filled with statements.

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