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MATT DAMON: I Spend My Life “Trying To Be Like BRAD PITT” (VIDEO)

MATT DAMON admits to star news that he actually spends his life “trying to be like BRAD PITT.”

Who isn’t?

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Matt Damon previously admitted that Brad Pitt called him a “bastard” for getting to live a more private life and not being a prisoner in his own home. But in a newer interview, Damon admits it’s actually the other way around.

The “Bourne Identity” actor and father of two told the “Today Show” on Tuesday-when he promoted his new movie “Elysium”-that Brad is envious of Matt, because “here in New York, I can walk my kids to school without being hounded by photographers.”

As it turns out, that’s about it.

Damon then joked:

“What else is he going to be jealous of? Yeah, he’s jealous of me… I spend my life trying to be like Brad Pitt.”

Hopefully, it will make Brad a little less sad about his lack of privacy!

Watch his interview HERE.

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