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Glee: 10 Best Finn Hudson Moments


“The Glue of Glee”

My first experience with Glee was walking into a friend’s house to see a cheerleading coach worry that if she loses her endorsements, she won’t be able to buy her hovercraft. I laughed at the line, sat down and gave the show a try. I was not in love with the show until the mashup of “Confessions, Part 2 and “It’s My Life.” I have to admit freely that the person to watch in that episode was this big, gangly guy named Finn.

When I went back and watched the preceding episodes, he was the one I looked for. I thought he was sweet and hilarious, but I fell in love with him completely at the moment that he blurted out that Rachel looked like a “sad clown hooker” in “Hairography.” Like many Gleeks, I can’t figure out how well I will like Glee without Cory Monteith. I haven’t been a fan of Rachel’s new guy in New York and I really wanted to see the Finn college/future development.

So, to take my mind off of the future uncertainty, I am going to take a look at my ten favorite moments of the Finn career.

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