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TNA: Tito Ortiz Makes NO Impact (Pun Intended)


As I sit and reflect about the recent episode of Impact, I can’t help but think why? Why would TNA completely WASTE the little hype and momentum they had with their August 1st vignettes?

The big reveal?

Tito Ortiz.

What a joke.

TNA once again proves why they’re destined to fail. Their poor booking continues to amaze me. I don’t understand how they can continue to get it wrong so often. I was actually semi impressed with the recent roster cuts they made, it seemed like they were moving in the right direction. Being cut throat is the only way TNA can be successful. Unfortunately, TNA has let Spike TV and Bellator take over.

Bellator and Spike TV’s relationship and merger is completely over shadowing TNA wrestling and it’s a shame. Dixie is getting steam rolled by Spike TV and it’s really starting to show.

Tito Ortiz isn’t in TNA to wrestle, he’s in TNA to hype his fight against Rampage Jackson. He’s in it for himself, just like Rampage. Adding Tito to the roster doesn’t do ANYTHING to help benefit TNA. He’s not going to help improve ratings, he’s not going to help PPV buy rates and he’s not going to help sell merchandise. What a waste of valuable air time.

You can’t help but wonder who’s really pulling the strings? Who’s making the tough calls in TNA? Whoever it is, they should be fired. Now more than ever TNA needs a leader. Dixie isn’t it, and god knows neither is Hogan.

TNA has such a plethora of talent, it’s frustrating to see them constantly waste it with such dumb ass mistakes like Tito Ortiz and Rampage Jackson. TNA has some great matches on Impact, but if the company isn’t making any money then those great matches become meaningless. I’m sorry but I’m just not ready to accept that Roode vs Aries or Daniels vs Styles are meaningless matches. Please TNA, for the sake of wrestling, get it together, we need you.

Maybe one day they’ll get on the right track and be a successful WRESTLING company.

Unfortunately, that day is just not today…

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