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Watch Channing Tatum Rip Off His Shirt In First Fashion Show

We’ve all seen Channing Tatum strut his famous stuff for the likes of P. Diddy circa 2003, but never like this!

Before the top designers and wacky outfits came calling, it was all about South Beach Couture. Over a decade ago the then baby face 20-year-old was new to the modeling scene and walked in his first-ever fashion show for Men’s Fitness at Level Nightclub in Miami.

And Celebuzz has the video of Tatum in all his ab-tastic glory to prove it. (Of course, those T-shirts didn’t stay on long.)

“We were all ripped kids back in the day,” fellow catwalker Lee Dahlberg told CB! (BTW, he’s the sashaying stud to the right of Tatum.)

“It’s funny how back then I’m the one with the better body than Channing,” he laughed, knowing full well that’s certainly not the case today when it comes to the Magic Mike hunk.

Believe it or not, the new daddy, who was asked to walk the runway show in 2000 by model/actor Vincent De Paul, had a slight case of stage fright.

“I gave him a pep talk because he was really nervous. It was his first fashion show,” Dahlberg said.

“I tried to just make him laugh so he wasn’t so nervous.”

Even 13 years ago, Tatum (now 33) already had the edge that separated him from the rest of the blue steel posing pack.

“I remember all the male models hated the guys with short hair because the cut was so easy and we all had longer hair,” said Dahlberg. “So he walked in and we were all like, ‘oh, that guy!'”

Well, it worked… and I think I speak for all the ladies when I say we’re not complaining.

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