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Batman #23 Review – Zero Year Part Three

Batman #23

Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo continue their yearlong story arc, Zero Year, in Batman #23. Zero Year has the potential to be the best arc by Snyder and Capullo on the Batman title thus far if the remaining issues are as outstanding as the first three have been. Issue #23 marks the beginning of Bruce Wayne determining that he needs to become Batman in order to defeat the Red Hood Gang.

Batman #23 continues with the Red Hood Gang confronting Bruce and leaving him physically wounded. The leader of the Red Hood Gang tells him that the night Bruce’s parents were killed changed his life. Snyder continues to give hints as to who the leader of the Red Hood Gang could be and it will be interesting to see how Snyder has written what will happen to the leader of the Red Hood Gang in future issues of Zero Year.

Another famous villain that is significant to Zero Year is Edward Nygma who is known as the Riddler. Snyder’s choice to include Nygma in Zero Year is a great decision by the writer. Nygma’s role in the story arc up to this point leaves readers anticipating the issue about the Riddler that is written by Snyder and Ray Fawkes that will be released in September as apart of DC’s Villains Month. Snyder portrays Nygma so well as the crafty, arrogant individual that he is known as.

One of the great panels illustrated by Capullo in this issue is when numerous bats surround Bruce that is reminiscent of the scene in Batman Begins when Bruce conquers his fear of bats when he is underground. The cover illustrated by Capullo, inker Danny Miki and colorist FCO Plascencia is tremendous. Batman #23 leaves readers eagerly anticipating the release of Batman #24 in October.

Batman #23 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo is available now.

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