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Lauren Conrad is Back in the Alternate Ending for ‘The Hills’

RetroMTV has just finished completely re-airing The Hills, its sorta-reality series that completely redefined “reality” television. To entice people to watch, the network promised an alternate ending to the series. Yes, The Hills was so real that producers shot multiple endings.

In case you don’t remember the show’s original ending, here’s a refresher. Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner say emotional goodbyes but as Kristin drives off into the sunset, the curtain is lifted and it’s revealed the two are on a studio lot. The camera pulls out, the crew applauds and Brody and Kristin hug. It’s a not-so-subtle eff you to the allegations that the show was completely staged. It was a surprisingly snarky end to a show that was legitimately fun and entertaining for at least two seasons.

But as we learned today, there was another ending planned. One that is far superior. In this version, Kristin and Brody say goodbye still, but Brody returns home to the company of Lauren Conrad, the show’s star who had left some time ago. Lauren asks where he’s been, to which he says, “I was just saying goodbye to a friend of mine.” “It’s hard to say goodbye,” Lauren responds. A beat. Then Lauren stares straight into the camera and flashes a mischievous smile, a coyly meta-reference the her own goodbye on the show, the show’s goodbye and Lauren and Brody’s will-they-or-won’t-they relationship. It’s fun, it’s playful and it’s a far better ending for a show that, frankly, no one cared if it was real or not.

If only MTV had gone with this choice it would have been far easier to enjoy the show’s end, unfortunately, the rest is not still unwritten.

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