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Case Closed In Missing Person Report Filed By Leah Remini

Leah Remini Files Missing Person Report

Leah Remini‘s departure from the Church of Scientology has made quite a few headlines in recent weeks, and now she’s reportedly been even more vocal by filing a missing person report for Scientology leader’s wife Shelly Miscavige.

But it was apparently and open and shut case, Celebuzz has confirmed.

“We are hearing the case is closed,” LAPD spokesperson Officer Gregory Baek told CB! “When an investigation is open and no crime has occurred, then the case is closed.”

The former King of Queens actress, 43, split from the controversial religion after over 30 years because she reportedly dared to ask about the whereabouts of David Miscavige‘s wife when she was a no-show at the 2006 nuptials of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. As a result of her inquiry, was allegedly subjected to years of “interrogations” and “thought modification.”

According to former Scientolgist-turned-writer Tony Ortega’s website, Underground Bunker, the church leader’s wife hasn’t been seen in public in six years. He claims she has been “transferred from Scientology’s International Base near Hemet, California to a secret compound near Lake Arrowhead in the mountains above Los Angeles,” where parishioners “are completely cut off from the outside world.”

Remini has since spoken out publicly about leaving the church: “We stand united, my family and I, and I think that says a lot about who we are, and what we’re about,” she told PEOPLE.

“I believe that people should be able to question things. I believe that people should value family, and value friendships, and hold those things sacrosanct.That for me, that’s what I’m about,” she added. “It wouldn’t matter what it was, simply because no one is going to tell me how I need to think, no one is going to tell me who I can, and cannot, talk to.”

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