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CARRIE UNDERWOOD Takes Fall On Stage While Wearing 5-Inch Heels (VIDEO)

CARRIE UNDERWOOD took a pretty nasty fall on stage while wearing 5-inch heels during a recent concert in Corpus Christi, Texas!

Poor girl.

LMK 089510

Singers tend to wear some crazy costumes when they perform on stage, so it’s no surprise that they sometimes end up suffering wardrobe malfunctions, or worse… getting hurt on stage.

In Carrie‘s case, however, it wasn’t her clothes. It was her sky-high heels, which caused her to fall on her butt as she sang for the audience.

Luckily, the “American Idol” alum is a consummate professional and continued singing despite the spill.

Following the incident, Carrie ended up in a leg brace, which she tweeted a photo of:

carrieunderwood legbrace

Watch how it all happened below:

Photos By PR Photos / Carrie Underwood‘s Twitter

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