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10 Movies That Prove Dennis Quaid Is Impossible To Kill

Dennis Quaid

I state a hypothesis that says: Dennis Quaid cannot be killed in his movies, thus he must be immortal. And after much research I declare that if you include all Dennis Quaid theatrical releases he survives 95% of the time. No joke. Real data. And according to the rules of experimental science that must allow for an error of 5%, my hypothesis cannot be rejected. In this article I give you the evidence that Dennis Quaid is one tough S.O.B. to take out.

Hit or miss, Dennis Quaid picks a variety of roles. With a long career that is now spanning movies and television, his characters have seen their fair share of life-threatening danger and action. Be it fighting Global Climate Change, serial killers, terrorists or fighting for statehood, his family, or freedom, Dennis Quaid will not back down. Not matter what you throw at this guy. Seriously, think about how many times you’ve seen him die.

Okay, now think how many times he died when it was actually at someone else’s doing. At a 95% survival rate, it doesn’t happen often. I don’t know what his characters eat, but we need to extract his DNA and spread it to the world, and prolong the average lifespan. Even when Dennis Quaid takes a part where his character is dead at the beginning… boom! He’s alive again. Historically when his character should be dead… bang, still walking. I can’t think of any other actor who puts up as much of a fight as Dennis Quaid.

So to further my point, I present to you 10 films that prove Dennis Quaid is impossible to kill. I warn you, while most of these movies are a few years old, there are a few spoilers lurking ahead. Just to give you a heads up.

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