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20 Most Awesome Items Belonging To Comic Book Movie Heroes

Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern

Many superheroes are nothing without their items.

Gadgets, weapons, vehicles, suits of armour or mysterious cosmic objects – they are the tools of a superhero’s trade and are often the very source of the character’s power.

In comic books, there are literally thousands of such items, but only a select few have been brought to the big screen – and they are just as awesome in live action as they are on the pages of the classic comics.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ones and attempt to rank them in order until we find the ultimate item belonging to a hero in a comic book movie.

With that in mind, here are the twenty most awesome items belonging to heroes in comic book movies…

20. Daredevil’s Billy Club (Daredevil)

Daredevil Club

Daredevil’s main weapon for use against his criminal foes is his billy club.

In its static, default form it is two billy clubs held together by an extendible cable. It can shift from a nunchaku-like weapon to a kusari-fundo (a long rope/chain weapon with two weights on its ends), dual billy clubs which can be wielded in an Eskrima-like fashion, a staff, or a cable with a grappling hook. The weapon can also be adjusted to combine both sticks into an Eskrima stick-fighting stick. The weapon is carried by a holster on the side of Matt Murdock’s left leg.

In the movie, as well as being used by Daredevil, it was also acquired by Bullseye during a close-quarters encounter between the two and he used it to assassinate Nikolas Natchios – Father of Elektra – on behalf of the Kingpin.

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