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Introducing David Hasselhoff: Comic Book Superhero!

The Hoff

Comic book artist Simon Williams has teamed up with David Hasselhoff to create the first “Hofficial” comic starring the Baywatch star, Wales Online reports.

Hasselhoff will continue to lampoon his image in this comic where he’ll be portrayed as a time-travelling James Bond-esque spy leading a group called The Heroes of Fearless Freedom – or The HOFF for short.

Williams, who has drawn Spider-Man, Hulk and Fantastic Four for Marvel, has created a series called Retro Tales which pays homage to the 70s comics he grew up with. Appearing in Retro Tales are such characters as Afroman, who manipulates his hair into various weapons, a Captain America-type character called Supertrooper, and now Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff.

Talking about his new series, The Hoff, Williams said:

“I emailed his website, not thinking for one moment that I’d hear back, let alone get a ‘yes’ – but within about two hours his agent had responded saying David would love to be involved,”

“We’ve chatted a few times since then and met up at the recent Cardiff Comic-con and he proved to be an all-round top bloke, chatting to fans for hours and bigging up Retro Tales to whoever was listening.”

Retro Tales #1 featuring David Hasselhoff will be published next year to be followed by the star’s own “spin-hoff” comic.

Check out the trailer for the series below:

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