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5 Awesome Comics You Must Read This Week (18 September)

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As usual every week a ton of new releases hits the comics’ shelves and it’s tricky to know which titles are the best to pick out. Maybe your latest pulls feel a bit stale and you’re looking around for fresher fare to replace them? It’s understandable given the breadth of the comics marketplace to be unsure of what’s good and what isn’t, so here are my picks of quality comics to check out.

This week, DC’s Villains’ Month trundles on with another swathe of mediocre-to-terrible one-shots that you’ll barely remember a week from now, while Marvel’s two Events – Infinity and Battle of the Atom – do little more than disappointingly stand in place and fidget; but there are better comics out there! Looking past the Big 2 s publications, there are some oft-overlooked publishers who continue to put out great stuff that should be receiving more attention for their far better stories and ideas.

I do have a couple of picks from Marvel and DC though – they still do manage to put out at least one worthwhile comic a week amidst the mass of crap they publish. One of them is somewhat controversial as fans of the character are divided on the series, but both are excellent comics regardless. Also on the list are team-ups galore from our friends at IDW, Valiant and Dynamite, as famous names gather together for adventure and fighting in a cornucopia of comics class!

All of the comics on the list are available right now in your local comics shop or, if you prefer digital, online at places like Comixology, Marvel Unlimited, DC Online, etc.

Alright, let’s get on with it!

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