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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Already Fighting Over Baby Klothing Line!

Oh noes!!

Babies are supposed to be a source of giggles and cuteness, not parental feuds over clothing!

But apparently Kanye West has let his passion for fashion get in the way of Kim Kardashian‘s upcoming kids klothing kollection, and has been micromanaging all of her decisions.

Initially, Yeezus lurrved the idea of Kimmy in baby fashion. A source spilled:

“Kanye encouraged her to pursue her own baby clothes line. He thought it was a great way for her to be taken a little more seriously and cut the cord with her family. He wants her to establish a new career away from reality TV and this is how they think she can do it. Kim really threw herself into it because she loves fashion and also because it makes Kanye happy. She seems desperate for him to respect her and approve of her.”

However, once Kim started doing her own thing, ‘Ye didn’t really approve of the direction the line was headed. The source continued:

“He opened doors for her where they were once shut, which is great, but now he’s giving her his two cents on everything and it’s driving Kim crazy. The truth of the matter is that he doesn’t think Kim has good style and he knows whatever she produces will be a direct reflection on him. He doesn’t trust her to do her own thing.”

The rapper knows exactly what he wants to see in the new line, and wants it to be:

“…extremely high-end and expensive. He wants her to use Givenchy, Celine, and Lanvin as inspirations for her sketches. Kim does, but she says she wants to use Nori as her ‘muse’ and translate her own favorite outfits into ones for the baby. So far, it’s just all kinds of wrong and Kanye is constantly correcting her on how to dress Nori.”

Yikes!! While we totes get why Kanye wants input in clothing that Nori will surely wear, it is supposed to be Kim’s collection, not his. But when Kim finally stood up to him and teased him about how involved he was with her process, Kanye allegedly snapped:

“Kim joked to Kanye that he should give up music for a full-time job in fashion but it didn’t go over well. Nobody, including Kim, speaks to Kanye like that, especially if they don’t want to see his temper. Kanye snapped at her over it. Of course Kim just backed down after that. And now she’s suddenly obsessed with creating minimal, fashion-forward outfits for kids. Which just happens to be exactly Kanye’s style. Kim says she knows her image is pretty set, but she’s hoping that she can play off Nori to move into high-fashion design circles. Kanye’s already helping her to do that, but this would further erase her trashy past and make her even more money at the same time.”

Hmmm it sounds to us like Kim and Kanye each need to start their own baby clothing lines! There’s no doubt that they both rock individual styles, and we’re sure their disparate baby outfit choices would appeal to different people.

And little North West would probably boycott peek-a-boo for at least a week if she knew that her parents were quibbling over anything but her nap time!

Besides, what if Nori grows up and isn’t even interested in fashion?!? Then the two would really be fighting over nothing!!

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