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Here’s Avril Lavigne’s Overly-Campy ‘Rock N Roll’ Music Video

Leave it to Avril Lavigne to create something more outrageous than Sharknado.

The motherf***ing pop-punk princess has debuted the new music video for her single “Rock N Roll” and it’s, well, cheesier than anything on SyFy and Lifetime combined. Also featuring cameos from The Wonder YearsDanica McKellar and Titanic‘s Billy Zane, the 5-minute clip includes a girl-on-girl liplock, totally obvious product placement, a lobster with a switchblade and one gem of a line about a dog licking his balls.

If you feel as though you’d rather not waste minutes of your life watching this, um, whatever it is, here’s a breakdown of its most outrageous moments:

“Oh hey, my new sony phone is ringing!”

Cut to a foreboding title card warning viewers what they’re about to get into. LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN!

Reference punk makeovers. Come on, it has to happen in an Avril video.

Avril beats a baby up. Lolz.

Apparently, mankind’s afraid of shellfish in this apocalyptic world. Hmm, this sounds a lot like the excuse my ex made when I wanted him to take me out to dinner.

Cue gratuitous lesbian makeout. (Kudos to The Wonder Years voiceover though.)

Give this being an Avril Lavigne video, a lot of this has to happen.

Bear-shark hybrid because that makes absolute sense.


Rolls credits. Apparently this is a thing in music videos now.

In all, if this is a world without rock n’ roll, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Take a look at the full video, above. Lyrics for the song are now on Directlyrics.

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