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8 Movie Directors With Seriously Hardcore Fanbases

Tim Burton1

Directors come in every shape, size, style, budget, and with their own preferred genre. You have those that are known for bringing iconic classics such as Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park to life, like Steven Spielberg. Other directors, such a James Cameron, have claim to some of the most profitable films of all-time, such as Avatar and Titanic. And then there are those filmmakers whose talents will be analysed in every film class from now until the end of time, as is done with the likes of Stanley Kubrick. Yet, there are a collection of directors, some that fall into the categories above and some that do not, who have a special trait of their own – unrivalled and passionate fans.

Now, I know the likes of Spielberg and Kubrick are praised by all for the many masterpieces they have created. But there are some directors who have an edge or niche which loyal fans have discovered and clinched to like a sloth to a tree. These directors are loved by committed legions of dans in the best of times and in the worst of times. These legions can be the most unique and distinctive groups of people around, often channelling the love for their directors through more than just praising their movies.

Here I present 8 directors who I believe, due to my involvement with one or two of them, have amassed sworn allegiances of fans who will go through hell and high water to make sure everyone knows that their favorite director is the best in the world (ever) and nothing anybody can say will change that…

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