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GTA V: 10 Weirdest Glitches We’ve Encountered So Far

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GTA V and GTA Online present gamers with a massive world that is just diverse enough that they practically can escape from real life altogether. In other words you literally can do almost anything you want. It’s easy to forget that underneath these hours of fun and entertainment are written billions of lines of computer code by geniuses at Rockstar who know how to speak using nothing but ones and zeroes.

As amazing as that is sometimes these lines of code get lost in translation so to speak and a glitch is birthed. Depending on the type of glitch this can add several more hours of fun to the game or huge amounts of pain and frustration to us all. Every game has glitches and a game as massive as GTA V has some real doozies. Some I believe Rockstar did on purpose while others were problems that they just fixed with the latest patch they released for the game.

Here’s a list of the weird, weirder, and weirdly awesome glitches we’ve encountered in GTA V so far.

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