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The Walking Dead: 15 Best Zombie Kills (So Far)

Rick Gun Walking Dead

With The Walking Dead, viewers get far more than a story about zombies vs. humans. It is more an examination of humanity in extreme situations than anything else, and the psychology of the survivors in the zombie apocalypse provides an intriguing premise for a series. The show takes viewers through the dissolution of a society as well as the conflicts inherent in trying to rebuild it, and it is a refreshing take on a genre that so often sacrifices storytelling for the sake of action. The show gives the audience credit for having the maturity and intelligence to handle an intricate plot and empathize with complicated characters.

The only problem is that sometimes we just want to see some zombies get shredded in a totally awesome way – it’s what pleases the gorehounds and we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t enjoy these disgusting, visceral thrills too. After all, special make-up artist Greg Nicotero does do a lot of work to make sure the show convinces in its more violent moments, so we felt it was only right to honor his work by celebrating some of the more ridiculous and memorable zombie kills.

So without further ado, here are 15 of them (in chronological order).

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