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AMC Orders Pilot For Preacher TV Series (With Seth Rogen?)


Here’s a story to file under the ‘We’ll believe it when we see it’ section. AMC have reportedly ordered a pilot episode for a TV adaptation of the cult comic book Preacher and Seth Rogen appears to be linked to the project to boot.

According to a story that appeared over at Digital Spy, AMC are looking for the next big hit TV show to fill the literally massive void left by shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men and it appears Garth Ennis and Steven Dillon’s comic opus that has long lavished in developmental Hell, may be just what the doctor ordered.

The comic, which follows the trials and tribulations of a disillusioned preacher, his bounty hunter ex-girlfriend and vampire best buddy as they try to bring an AWOL God to justice has been one of those projects that everyone has wanted to adapt for TV or as a movie but nothing has ever come to fruition. Perhaps the closest attempt was Kevin Smith’s movie back in 1998 and the HBO TV series a few years back but sadly the ideas remained just that. Other names that have historically been linked to the project include Rachel Talalay (Tank Girl), DJ Caruso (Disturbia) and Sam Mendes (American Beauty).

In a Tweet this weekend Seth Rogen – who let’s face it would be horribly miscast as lead man of the cloth Jesse Custer – talked about how 7 years of hard work was finally coming together before name dropping John Wayne, Arse Face and The Saint of Killers.

Whether this means the dream project is finally getting a green light remains to be seen but for now this is the most exciting news for fans of the comic book series ever and with Hollywood’s go-to-guy Seth Rogen involved maybe it will finally have a chance.

We’ll have more news when – or IF – it happens.

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