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GTA V: 6 Insane Glitches You Won’t Believe


Grand Theft Auto V has taken the world by storm since its release on September 17 this year.

The Rockstar Games-created epic has earned innumerable plaudits, rave reviews and a legion of fans since it hit store shelves over two months ago.

Such is its enormous appeal, GTA V sensationally hit $800 million in sales on the first day of its release, while sales are still strong even today.

Countless records have been broken along the way, including the “Highest revenue generated by an entertainment product in 24 hours” and the “Fastest entertainment property to gross $1 billion”.

And, with DLC expansion pack ‘Beach Bum’ due out later this week, it doesn’t look like the fervent hype surrounding GTA V is going to lose momentum any time soon.

As good a game as ‘V’ is, however, it certainly isn’t flawless.

In fact, fans have already uncovered a litany of bugs and glitches on their travels, and that’s not even taking into account those that blighted the release of the ‘Online’ component of the game.

Some glitches are annoying and frustrating, and ruin the experience of playing GTA V, while others, others are sidesplitting-ly hilarious.

And here, we bring to you 6 Insane GTA V Glitches You Won’t Believe.

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