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Countdown to The Emmys: If You Could Star in Any Reality Show, Which One Would You Choose?

In anticipation of the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, which air September 22 at 8 p.m. ET, we are launching a series of polls and other TV-related challenges. Return each week for a new Countdown to the Emmys event!

Yesterday, we asked our Twitter friends to tell us which reality show they’d most like to star in and why. Your answers, as always, are varied and entertaining, and you can read them after the jump. If you didn’t get a chance to play along on Twitter, you can leave a comment on this post telling us which reality show you’d join and why. (Side note and SPOILER ALERT: How weird is it that no one said The Swan?)

@CELEBUZZ Any of the Real Housewives shows. Getting paid to gallivant to nice events in great shoes, and get wasted on wine. Sign me up!

– Kara Nicole (@ImoftheMoment) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ The real world – Jylah (@JFatFace) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ I forgot to say why because it would open up doors and I would hope it would change my outlook on people – Jylah (@JFatFace) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ KUWTK. I could be the daughter from another mother who comes to live with the family. Lots of personality and plenty of sass. – Ms.T (@Browneyes_2060) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ : the Kardashians. Because deep down inside I’m a Kardashian in the making… – Nathi Dash Siyengo (@CEONathi) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ Big Brother. Some of those house guests need a swift kick of reality and need to learn how to play the game! – The Buzzcast (@BuzzWorthyRadio) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ Big Brother!! Not only to win the money, but to stand up to bullies like this season has!!! – Angela (@AngelaArndt) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ @KUWTK I love the show & I would want to see what Its like & how amazing It’d be & getting to meet the Kardashian/Jenner Family!

– = xxSare95xx = (@xSare95x) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ Keeping up with the Kardashians!! Just to feel the need to glam up everyday

– Blessed Onyinye … (@JustSmileRants) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ The Duggers! I had 4 kids and it was a balancing act. Like to see how they manage daily. – Susan Siceloff (@ssiceloff) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ RHOA. For the sheer hell of it – Patricia clarke (@covlass215) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ “Jersey Shore” the guys are just madly funny 🙂 seems like good time

– The Rune (@Shiny_dreamer) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ Kardashians! I’d love to wake up with my hair and make up perfectly done everyday. #RealityShowDream

– Joanne Serrieh (@JoanneSerrieh) September 9, 2013

@CELEBUZZ RHONJ so I could have @Teresa_Giudice back!!! I’d speak for her when she gets tongue tied! Lol!

– Tee F… (@FleurDe_Tee) September 9, 2013

Remember, it’s not too late to play along; tell us which reality show you’d star in and why by leaving a comment below!

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