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Kristin Cavallari Posts $150 Bail In Chicago For Invalid Driver’s License

Kristin Cavallari pulled over

UPDATE 2:51 PST: Celebuzz got to the bottom of Kristin’s ticket mystery. According to Commander Jay Parrot with the Evanston Police Department, Cavallari was stopped for speeding and was NOT arrested. Far from it, he said.

“She posted bond because she has a California driver’s license which is not part of the Interstate Driver’s License Compact,” he told CB!. “Normally, you can just sign the ticket and be done. California is one of those states where you can’t.”

Hence, why she was escorted to the police station.

“She has a valid driver’s license, but it’s out of state so there are different rules,” Parrot added.

“She was not arrested.

“It’s very common.”

So she paid the $150 bucks in cash and that was it.

Kristin Cavallari was stopped by Chicago police Friday and taken in for not having a valid driver’s license.

According to her rep, the reality star-turned-shoe designer posted $150 and is free and clear. Phew!

“She’s fine. She was pulled over and taken into custody in Chicago for not having a valid driver’s license,” her rep told Celebuzz. “She is a California resident and pays taxes here.”

The 26-year-old apparently handed over her California ID.

According to Officer Daniel O’Brien with the Chicago police, if the license was valid, they’d definitely honor it. But if she was stopped with a suspended license she’d get her very own police escort to the station. (Talk about like A-list treatment!) She’d simply have to pay the fee and set a court hearing, if necessary.

The TV star, who lives part-time in the Midwest where her hubby Jay Cutler plays for the Chicago Bears, even took to Twitter herself to clear it up:

Who knew having a California drivers license in Illinois was a CRIME to be escorted to the police station to post bail?!! What a morning

– Kristin Cavallari (@KristinCav) September 6, 2013

FYI…I still have an apartment in LA so I’m a resident of California

– Kristin Cavallari (@KristinCav) September 6, 2013

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