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Dan Stevens is Headed to the CW

Dan Stevens has joined the cast of the CW's 'The Tomorrow People.'

Dan Stevens has lined up his first post-Downton Abbey TV gig. He’s moving from PBS to the CW to star in The Tomorrow People.

Entertainment Weekly reports Stevens will only be heard, and not seen, in the show:

Downton Abbey alum Dan Stevens will lend his voice to the Greg Berlanti-produced Tomorrow People, voicing biological computer TIM, a character first established in the ’70s British version of the show and originally voiced by Canadian actor Philip Gilbert.

The Tomorrow People, which is based on a British series of the same name, is set to premiere this October on the CW. It’s about a group of teens with special powers. When Stevens left Downton Abbey after its third season, he said he “wanted a chance to do other things.” No offense to The Tomorrow People, which I’m sure will be every bit as good as Hart of Dixie, but this is what you left us for, Cousin Matthew?

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