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WWE: 5 Things Kane Must Do As Director Of Operations

Kane 2013

Is Kane really the Director of Operations for WWE? Well the guy in the arena holding up the “It’s Still Real To Me, Dammit!” sign says Yes. Let’s live in his world for the moment, and play a little Armchair Director of Operations… if we could set Kane’s mandate, what would it be?

The Big Grey Suit-Wearing Monster himself laid out his job description on RAW this week: “Handle day-to-day issues, identify problem areas, and serve as crisis management to ensure WWE is running smoothly.”

With his FM-radio voice and formal language, you’d never guess this is the choke-slamming Kane, and he did a great job at describing his role. Directors of Operations can also be responsible for coordinating resources in response to market demand, and long-term planning. With these tasks in mind, I give you 5 Things Kane Must Do as Director of Operations.

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5. Clarify Who’s In Charge On-Screen

Triple H B

Remember a few weeks ago, when Triple H and Stephanie went on holiday? Randy Orton, Brad Maddox, Vickie Guerrero, and Kane all trotted out to establish their respective authority, in absence of The Authority. Now I realize this was allegedly in service of their storyline – the struggle for power amongst the various personalities – but frankly, the storyline stunk.

Fans are tired of the endless exposition. It clogs up the program at the expense of seeing the wrestling part of the wrestling show. No one can keep track of who’s in charge of what, and it lends nothing to the storylines other than mirroring the backstage confusion. What an inefficient use of resources!

There’s no denying the talent of your on-screen managerial team. They can all work the mic, but these vague/competing job titles give them nothing to work with. It’s befuddling to fans, who’d be able to get on with booing who you want them to boo, if the motivation was clear. Make one person responsible for setting matches, one person responsible for personnel issues, and one person responsible for vomit jokes. That’s GOT to be a full-time job, right?

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