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Alki’i Embroidered lace sequin full gypsy bohemian mid length skirt, Many colors

  • 100% cotton and one size fits most
  • Elastic Waist 28″ to 36″, Length 26″
  • Drawstring and elastic waist
  • Intricate Embroidery with sequins
  • Full skirt that allows free flowing movement

If you are looking for a nice, flowy mid length skirt, well look no further. This skirt has a considerate elastic waist so it only comes in one size fits most, but there are a variety of different colors to fit your every color need. Unlike most mid length skirts, this one sets itself from the other in the detail of it. There are lace accents, decorative stitching, and sequin patterns all throughout the skirt. This skirt is perfect for your free spirit persona, especially if you want to go for the bohemian feel. Don’t let this free moving skirt escape your grasp! And since it comes from Alki’i, every skirt is made from premium fabric that is rich in color, stretch and durability, while also being constructed with precision stitching.


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