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5 Best Pop Punk Albums Of 2013

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“Pop punk’s not dead” is a familiar battle cry for fans of the genre to rally under and in 2013, it’s never been truer.

Arguably, the genre has become more clich d and saturated than ever before as everyone tries to grab a piece of the action left behind by juggernauts like Blink-182 and Green Day. Two of the biggest success stories of the genre, Paramore and Fall Out Boy, both released albums in 2013 that took a big step away from pop punk, unashamedly embracing the pop side of things more. Of course, bands evolve and change their sound as they mature, but if pop punk is losing its finest bands, isn’t it dying out?

Absolutely not and the quality of the albums on this list will prove it. Despite the saturation of the genre, more and more bands are stepping up to the plate and delivering great albums – 2013 might actually prove to be one of the genre’s finest years. Here’s a list of five albums (plus an EP that had to be mentioned) that should be glued into your headphones for the remainder of this year and beyond. Seriously, your new favourite band could be just a click away here.

Honourable Mention – Gnarwolves -Funemployed


Gnarwolves haven’t made this Top 5 list on a technicality (Funemployed is an EP, not an album) but it’s still important to be aware of just how good this release is. The three piece from Brighton have been making waves through Britain recently with their DIY attitude and are reaping the rewards with bigger and better shows. This year alone, they’ve played Reading and Leeds; supported Funeral For A Friend; and drawn big crowds to early slots at Slam Dunk Festival. Gnarwolves are a band on the rise.

Latest release ‘Funemployed’ brings that live experience into your homes (or ears) with opener ‘Melody Has Big Plans’ sure to get your head bouncing along. ‘Limerence’ harks back to Green Day’s finest years with a chorus rammed with crowd pleasing whoa-ohs and a hip shaking bass line while ‘High On A Wire’ ups the tempo one last time to bring the EP to a swift close. Funemployed is a short but sweet blast of punk at its finest; energetic and urgent. As with all great EPs, it leaves you begging for more – a full album will see Gnarwolves’ rise go to meteoric levels.

Let’s hope that it comes sooner rather than later.

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