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The Walking Dead: 10 Most Brutal Deaths To Date

Telltale Games

Starting as a modest comic book series, The Walking Dead has exploded into a full blown franchise, complete with a growing, expanded universe that’s (ironically) slowly infecting the world. Now a hugely popular TV show and three video games (two of them good,) The Walking Dead has always tried to give us something different, something that pushes the boundaries of its undying genre which has been at risk of becoming tired in recent times.

The property attempts to give us something special and quite often it succeeds in doing this, but by the very nature of its subject matter, it also makes us bear witness to some incredibly morbid, soul-shattering moments.

Unlike the cannon fodder that usually populate zombie movies, the deaths in The Walking Dead can often be extremely evocative and emotional. This isn’t just due to their usually gruesome nature but also because of the character development that has been built up until their untimely demise.

No character is ever safe in The Walking Dead – just like a real-world apocalypse would demand – and that’s something you have to respect. But goddamn, does it make it that much more painful to watch when one of your favorite character’s inevitably bites the dust. So to commemorate with the release of Season Two of The Walking Dead from Telltale Games I’ve decided to recount the most iconic, significant, but also grisly deaths in the franchise which encompass the comic, TV series and videogame.

There be SPOILERS, obviously.

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