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Lady Mary is Depressed in This ‘Downton Abbey’ Season Four Clip

Downton Abbey‘s fourth season starts this weekend in the U.K. Across the pond, we’ll have to wait until Jan. 5 for season four. But the good news is that we have this clip to tide you over.

Spoiler alert: the show’s fourth season begins six months after Cousin Matthew’s death (and subsequent resurrection on a CW show) and Lady Mary isn’t coping well. She refuses to wear anything but black and hasn’t really bonded with her newborn son. As Michelle Dockery told Vulture, the season will also see a host of suitors courting Mary: “It’s the nature of a woman of her particular class at the time. Mary needs to tie the knot again with someone soonish because of the responsibility that she has, so she needs the right person to replace Matthew. That’s not going to be easy. She’s not going to settle anytime soon.”

Again, the next season won’t air stateside until January.


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