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WWE: 10 Reasons The Network Is Going To Be Great

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It’s finally here, the WWE Network is official and it’s lived up to the hype – a $9.99 device based subscription service offering on-demand content and monthly pay per views. The reaction has been hugely positive, many fans on social media already declaring their intention to sign up on its debut February 24th date.

No doubt about it, this bold move represents considerable ambition – and possible danger – for Vince McMahon’s business. Whenever tradition is sacrificed for change the implications can be harmful. The old saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” could be applied here. Sure, WWE PPV business is in decline, but this is still a company making money hand over a fist. The real risk in the network launch is how it will change WWE’s traditional broadcast deals … will fans choose to watch an advert free and fast forwardable Raw Encore on the Network over USA Network’s tedious three hour presentation? The damage to traditional pay per view box office is also clear, why pay $49 for a PPV when you can get it for $9.99? Survivor Series 2013 did 175,000 box office buys in 2013, with the network that could be down to around 50,000 in 2014 – although overall views / money would no doubt be up from the $9.99 subscribers.

Forget the quietly murmured concerns though, this seems a bankable winner. This is no XFL, this is a Wrestlemania level innovation. The WWE Network is set to change the wrestling industry forever, here we analyse the 10 reasons the Network is going to be great …

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