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8 Awesome Comics You Must Read This Week (8 January)


Happy New Year, comics fans! The column took a rest the last couple of weeks because of holidays/limited comics releases over the festive season, but it’s back this week for the first new comics day of 2014! After a tiny release schedule over Christmas, the Big 2 have returned with a massive array of titles to kick off the new year as the second wave of Marvel NOW! launches this week and DC celebrate an iconic Batman issue with a massive line-up of creators.

In comics news this week, one of Marvel’s battiest and most popular characters, Deadpool, is getting hitched in April! Marvel sent out wedding invites teasing the identity of the bride as “Wouldn’t You Like to Know” and an accompanying image with the veil covering the bride’s face (with Nightcrawler as the ordained minister!). If you’re interested in attending, the wedding – which promises a reception and chaos to follow – takes place in Deadpool #27 on Wednesday 9 April.

Marvel has announced a new Event comic, Original Sin, that will be a murder mystery where Uatu the Watcher is killed and it’s up to Nick Fury, in the role of detective, to find out whodunit. The bald, toga-wearing Uatu is murdered in his lunar lair and the 8-issue mini-series – written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Mike Deodato Jr. – will follow the murder investigation and the theft of numerous powerful objects Uatu has been collecting over the years. One of the teams investigating will be the Punisher and Doctor Strange which Aaron promises will read like a buddy-cop movie. A special #0 issue written by Mark Waid and drawn by Jim Cheung, exploring the relationship between Uatu and Nova will be out in April, with Original Sin #1 coming out in May.

Since the first Thor and Captain America movies in 2011, Marvel has included short films on their DVD/Blu-Ray releases called Marvel One-Shots. The latest of these is called All Hail The King to be included on the forthcoming Thor: The Dark World home release. Little is known besides the title but it’s likely to feature the ever popular villain Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, following on from the final shot reveal of The Dark World, and seeing where his character is and where he’s going in his new role.

Those are the big comics news stories, let’s get on to the comics of the week!

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