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20 Best Movie Posters Of 2013

Anchorman Poster 2 Face

Paramount Pictures

On a basic level, it’s a movie poster’s job to entice potential audience members into the theatre based on the allure of its design alone. If you find yourself walking past a movie poster on the street without giving it a second glance, the artist probably hasn’t done their job properly.

Given the speed at which movies are released nowadays, though, most posters tend to be the result of quick Photoshop jobs on behalf of lazy studios. You know the types: actor’s heads superimposed over explosions with a car or something swerving down the street in the background. Yawn.

Still, there is such a thing as a great movie poster, and 2013 proved that. Here’s the artwork that got us excited and ultimately convinced us to part with our hard-earned cash last year…

20. Insidious Chapter 2


Film District

Few things are more frightening (and overused) in horror films than kids coming in touch with the occult. This dark monochrome shot of a baby in a walker edging towards darkness teases with the idea, along with the heading “It will take what you love most.” The viewer gets a feel of what this movie is about: babies in macabre situations.

19. Nebraska

Nebraska Poster

Paramount Vantage

In this Eraserhead homage, we are introduced to Woody Grant, the main character of Alexander Payne’s Nebraska. This is yet another monochromatic poster which stays true to the movie itself, and was filmed in black and white. The image gives a sense of lonesomeness as Bruce Dern’s thinning hair is carried by the wind: simple and fitting.

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